Friday, April 8, 2011

Alpha Chi Conference in San Diego, CA (warning: heavy picture content)

There hasn't been much of an update from me in a while, as I have been working on my projects at Uni, and preparing for trip for the Alpha Chi Honor Society National Conference (which I just got back from), to give my presentation on Artificial Life.

 The conference was in San Diego, California, a very beautiful place.  I was there for 5 days, and I had experienced my very first time on a plane.  I won a national award (10 are handed out, from a pool of over 11,000 alpha chi members made up of the top 10% of their universities), saw some seals at the Children's Pool Beach, and got to go to Sea World with my Aunt and Uncle!

On a side note, I'm up to about 67-68 wpm with the Dvorak layout (remember that?) when on my macbook (I'm abit slower on my main computer).  Should be back up to my 100+wpm I had in QWERTY in no time!

Anyway, there were plenty of pictures (I didn't take any, I just asked my fellow students to take some and give me theirs); I hope you enjoy!